Fast Fashion -Abigail Leaper.

Fast fashion is having a catastrophic effect on the world’s water supplies.

This is particularly devastating for countries in the developing world…..

Do you ever see an item of clothing online that you really like, buy it but then it comes home and you hate it?

Or whilst shopping you buy something that you only wear once or twice?

This is a symptom of Fast fashion.

Fast fashion is damaging the world’s water supplies.

Making one T-Shirt  uses the same amount of water needed to last one person 3 years!  Mad isn’t it?

The Aral Sea, once the size of Ireland, has shrunk to almost nothing due to the high demands on water supplies by the fast fashion industry.

Did you know that dirty water from some factories goes into the rivers of the developing world and are turning them black, purple, and toxic to drink?

Many dangerous chemicals like mercury and lead are being dumped into rivers due to fast fashion.

People wash and drink from these rivers and they are dying because of it.

Knowing how we harm the planet is half the battle.

Help look after the planet.



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