We Need Sponsors -Can Your Business Help?

Sponsorship pays off...

  • Over 3 million internet hits.
  • Over 6 million maths questions answered.
  • Contributions from more than 5000 kids
  • 9 international projects funded so far.
  • Projects funded in Malawi, Indonesia, India (2), Nepal, Pakistan (2), Niger, Bangladesh.

   Triple impact your social responsibility fund.

  • Instil life-long charitable values in local kids.
  • Enhance pupils’ numeracy skills.
  • Help save lives and  change lives in the developing world.

  Contribute to the 17 UN sustainability goals.

Our goal is…

… to bring together the Business Community, Schools and Young People to achieve the following:

1) Foster charitable values and kindness in British kids.

  • well-good.org provides a platform for kids to work on, for the benefit of others.
  • The feel-good factor that kids experience when their hard-work earns rewards (water) for others, helps to instil life-long charitable values. 
  • Research shows that acts of kindness by pupils improves their mental health. 

2) Develop the mathematical skills of local kids.

Over six million questions have been correctly answered on well-good.org so far.

Ten correct answers on well-good.org roughly equates to one day’s water for one person in the developing world.

3) Alleviate hardship caused by water poverty by funding the construction of wells in the developing world.
  • well-good has funded nine water projects around the world so far.
  • One in nine people (approximatley 750 million people) have no access to clean water.
  • Around 2.5 billion people have no access to proper sanitation.
  • Nearly a million people die every year due to a lack of clean water and sanitation. 

What is Well-Good ?

  • Well-Good.org is a platform that enables school children to practise timestables and other numeracy skills.
  • Pupils are rewarded for correct answers – the reward is water for people in the developing world.
  • Every ten correct answers roughly equates to one day’s water for one person in the developing world.
  • Sponsorship from the business community enables us to fund well constructions around the world.