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Watch the clip below - it shows the reaction when a village gets water for the first time

Meserani Juu Centre, Tanzania




This education centre educates people in the local communities, but there has been no drinking water or clean sanitation. In conjunction with LivLife, Well-Good is working towards providing a water supply for the centre and the local people. This has been thanks to Bolton School Girls' Division completing a 5 million points challenge on Well-Good.


More can be read about the project here


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Two wells built in the Gujranwala Tehsil Kamonkey area of Pakistan as a result of maths done by students from Bolton School and Haslingden High




We recently funded a new well at a pre-school in Southern Malawi as shown in the pictures below. Now the children have access to clean water and they have started to grow their own food in a new garden area. For a full report click on the link below

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