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Water Poverty

                                    -by Sophia Wormald (Y7)


Water Poverty is stopping other humans in nations or regions from being able to afford sustainable, clean water 24/7!


Could you imagine having to wash in a dirty river or having to drink contaminated water?


Could you imagine having to make one portion of food feed a family of 4 for a week?


Well we know what you are thinking -NO!


But one way you could help save our fellow humans is using


All you have to do is answer 10 correct maths questions and you could help give one person a day's worth of clean water.

Imagine the happiness you could bring to somebody's day just by practicing numerical skills (which, let's face it you would have to do anyway!)


So let's help save our earth. One step at a time! First up! Water poverty.


The effect of water poverty on

Women & Girls



Around the world, approximately 750 million people have no access to clean water.


Women in developing countries spend much of their lives collecting water.


Young girls often miss out on an education because they are needed for water collection.


Having a clean water supply provides an opportunity for women and young girls to be educated and to lead fulfilling lives.

Fast Fashion


Fast fashion is having a catastrophic effect on the world's water supplies. 


This is particularly devastating for countries in the developing world.....

...more to this space!


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